Document tracking for
smart businesses

Securely share documents, control access and get actionable insights that drive your business forward.

Protect your assets

Protect your assets

Identify hot leads

Identify hot leads

Accelerate growth

Accelerate growth

Stop sharing files as attachments

You lose control of your critical documents

You’re not able to retrieve sent materials

It’s hard to know who sees them

End up with many versions

You waste time on the wrong conversations

Take the guesswork out of  

Upgrade your file sharing in three steps

Step 1

Step 1

your documents

Build a library of sales and marketing content for your entire team.

Step 2

Step 2

your link

Send prospects and leads your Docview link or embed on your website.

Step 3

Step 3

who's ready

Receive intelligent insights from your documents to identify hot leads.

Uncover the insights that help you prioritise conversations

Docview shows how leads interact with your content so you can engage and convert your most valuable prospects.


Document analytics

Get notifications as soon as prospects open your files and engage with your content.

Dynamic watermarks

Protect your collaterals and prevent unauthorised distribution with document watermarks.

Control & protection

Share documents in a way that works for you, with real time tailored access and control.

Always the last version

Update documents, even after you shared them, ensuring recipients always see the latest version.

Put your documents to work

With guesswork taken out of prospecting,  you have more time to focus on the right conversations.


A better approach

Delight recipients with
a modern sharing experience

Engagement increases as recipients can instantly view documents on any device without needing to install any additional software or create logins.

Lead management

Personalised reminders

and follow-ups

Docview tracks how your recipients interact with shared documents, from page-by-page analytics to real-time insights, giving you the intelligence for more personalised follow-ups with the right leads.


Analytics and reports

Identify documents that drive
your business forward

Get aggregated data on how each page of your document is helping you to close more deals. See what works and what doesn’t by tracking how your prospects are engaging with each document.

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